Netball: What Are The Benefits & Why You Should Play It

Published on 12/03/2020

Netball is played in more than 80 countries worldwide but is more popular in countries of the Commonwealth. Some of these countries are, South Africa, Australia, Jamaica, New Zealand, and of course, England. Netball is said to be very similar to basketball, however, the team numbers, rules, and equipment are a lot different. It is played by two teams of seven players, with the aim of shooting a ball through the opposing team’s net, which is positioned 10 feet above the ground. In many parts of the world, netball is concerned to be one of the most competitive sports with loads of benefits. So, let’s take a closer look at why playing Netball is so rewarding for both your mind and body.

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Netball: What Are The Benefits & Why You Should Play It

A Great Social Life

Netball is a team sport and an awesome platform for people of all ages to meet and make new friends.  This form of exercise helps people to positively work together to achieve one goal. Not only does it promote good competition between other people, but also presents the opportunity to have loads of fun and of course, a great workout. Studies have suggested that kids who start playing netball from a young age have better social and verbal skills.


One of the best advantages of playing this great sport is that it is not a costly game and requires minimal investment. Unlike other sports that demand a lot of equipment and clothing, netball players are simply required to buy appropriate sports shoes and a netball (unless specific clothing is needed for the team). Additionally, the game does not need to be played on a specific court but any space that is around 30.5 m can be improvised as a netball court.

Will Help Reduce Stress

We all know that exercise is an amazing way to help people unwind or reduce stress, so when it comes to netball this is no different. As netball requires a lot of running and physical activity which can also help you take your mind off a lot of things. Additionally, you won’t be distracted by any negative tension and thoughts that may be consuming your everyday life. This is actually because the intense exercises will stimulate your body to produce more endorphins that can help improve your mood. But we also can’t forget the amount of fun you will be having throughout the game.

Co-ordination Benefits

Netball’s main requirement to play is having good coordination. As there are different throwing techniques, passing of the ball is needed to be done correctly and efficiently. Different kinds of passes exist within the game but no matter how the player decides to pass the ball, good hand-eye coordination is needed for each member of the team to either throw or catch the ball accurately. Even if people have never held a netball before, hand-eye coordination skills can easily be developed with a bit of time and patience.