These Fitness Gadgets Will Upgrade Your Workouts

Published on 05/11/2021

Do you like to work out? Do you want to bring your workout to the next level? Then continue reading and find out which tech gadgets will upgrade your workout and help you with your muscles!

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These Fitness Gadgets Will Upgrade Your Workouts

Wave Roller

The “Wave Roller” is a great gadget to help you relax your muscles. The roller helps you to relax your muscles tissues after a hard work out and helps your body to regenerate and get stronger. The foam roller is also connectable to your phone via Bluetooth. Through the Bluetooth connection to your phone, the roller will track your recoveries and information to your muscles tissue and rolling sessions. Through “Wave Roller” application, will also offer you with great workouts etc.


The “Studio” is a fitness gadget on the next level. It is a big smart mirror, that works through AI technology. As the name already says the mirror just works like a private fitness studio, in the middle of your living room. The smart mirror, offers workouts such as strength, cardio, yoga, boxing etc. and is the perfect alternative, if you prefer to work out alone and don’t want to pay for an expensive gym. The mirror is available for around $2,495 and comes with a free delivery, installation, 2 premium yoga mats a heart monitor and a microfiber towel.

Peleton Bike

The Peleton Bike is another fitness gadget, that makes is super easy and comfortable to have a great workout at home. It looks like a normal spinning guide and is connected to a movable screen. While you sit on your bike, you will see the trainer on the screen, guiding you through the workout. When the trainer is announcing a more intense paste, the “Peleton Bike”, will automatically adjust the level and resistance to the workout. You can also disconnect the screen from the bike and get other great workouts like yoga, Pilates, boot camp and cardio classes etc. The bike is available for around $2,459.

Exum Screw Socks

The Exum screw socks are not like your usual socks. They are produced with a shield of copper nanoparticles and silver. This shield gets activated once we sweat and hence help with muscle recoveries and to prevent inflammations. The special socks are available on “Vive Wear” for about $24.

SKG F5 Massage Gun

The SKG F5 Massage is a great fitness device that combines the perks of muscle relaxation through massages and heath therapy. The heath edge of the device will loosen up the tension in your muscles and the massage will help to relax it and strengthen it. You can get the great massage device for around $129 on Amazon.

Fitnation Slim Line Treadmill

The Fitnation Slim Line Treadmill, is a super thin treadmill. It is 55 inches long by 25 inches wide and 5 inches tall. The Treadmill is super easy to fold and put in the closet if you don’t have enough place in your apartment to let it stay there. You can either put it under the bed or in the closet. The treadmill can also measure your heart rate etc.