7 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Your Bicycle Every Day

Published on 10/18/2021

We already knew that cycling is healthy. But why is it like that? Cycling is great for the mind and body. It is good for the muscles and the lungs, it helps against physical ailments and defects. Since cycling is an accessible type of exercise, it is suitable for most people. In this article we will give you 7 reasons why cycling is so healthy and why you should take your bicycle to work.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Your Bicycle Every Day

Stay Fit

Riding a bicycle is excellent cardiovascular training and workout in one. The daily exercise also contributes a lot to weight control. Unfortunately, in many large cities, this gain is countered by the poor ambient air caused by exhaust gases. Whenever possible, cyclists should therefore switch to routes that are less frequented by cars. Still, the health benefits far outweigh this, which is also shown by the next reason.

Less Stressed

For a study at Stanford University, scientists equipped 1,000 commuters, including motorists and bicycle users, with mobile measuring devices and recorded their heart rate and breathing around the clock. The evaluation showed that people who made their daily commute to work by bike were not only more balanced and relaxed during the journey, but throughout the day.
Especially after work, on the way home from work, the cycling test subjects found it much easier to switch off compared to their motorized colleagues.

Reach Your Goal Faster

While car traffic is increasing and becoming more and more hectic, the individual car driver is progressing more and more slowly, especially in rush hour traffic. According to measurements, cars in cities like Berlin or Tel Aviv drive an average of just 12 km / h at peak times. By contrast, annoying stop-and-go situations and traffic jams can often be avoided by bike.

Good For The Brain

When you ride a bike, you not only get yout body moving, but your brain as well. Cycling promotes blood flow to the brain and allows more oxygen to enter our system. More proteins are produced to make new brain cells. In addition, cycling enables the different parts of our brain to communicate better with each other, which increases our cognitive performance. This means that our insightful abilities relating to reasoning, intellect, and the human ability to know improved.

The Building Of Muscles

When cycling, you don’t just use your legs and feet to turn the pedals. You use lots of extra muscles, including steering, balance, position, and extra strength. With a regular bike ride, you work hard on building muscle. Cycling for half an hour to an hour a day is enough to get you in good shape and build stronger muscles.

Feeling Of Freedom

Cycling gives a wonderful feeling of freedom, you slow down. When you return from work, you arrive home relaxed. You can reach the most beautiful places and by bike you can discover cities or landscapes peacefully. No commitments, no stress and nice to move around.

Being Outdoor

Sometimes you only notice how beautiful nature is when you cycle through it. From the car, the landscape passes you much faster. You can see a lot more on a bike. It is also healthy to be outdoors regularly, your mood improves, you have fewer negative thoughts, and you experience less stress. Your mental fatigue will also decrease. Being outdoors ensures that you are getting enough vitamin D.