Fitness Apps Making Waves In 2020

Published on 07/02/2020

Whether you are trying to tone up, or shed those unwanted pounds, or simply maintaining and improving your fitness we truly understand the challenge. Staying motivated, dedicated, and true to your goals is difficult for even the most athletic individuals, our bodies need rest and recovery but we also have to push it past its limits. There is always more to learn. ways we can improve and a new goal to be set, however, pushing past these limits and understanding the next step is what truly matters. Thus, fitness apps have been created in order to help with each and every step of your fitness journey, there are apps for the diet aspect, workout aspect, and calorie tracking part too. Here are the best apps this 2020.

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Fitness Apps Making Waves In 2020

Short-Workout Apps

Short workouts are still effective, in this specific category we recommend The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout. It is completely free and accessible anywhere. The app guides you throughout each step. You can also find other workouts, many of which are longer but the intensity varies which is great. The app is ideal for home workouts or trying to get in a good workout when on holiday. Moreover, we love YouTube videos, Pamela Reef and Bailey have some killer videos which will have you burning in minutes!

Workouts On-Demand Apps

On-Demand apps, well most of the good ones, will cost you. However, not a lot and these are truly worth it. These apps offer high quality with regards to instruction, a variety of styles and techniques too. You can also join live workout streams and feel as if you are part of a class then and there if that is your vibe. The best we know ae One Pelaton, Blogilates, Shred,, Kelo, and Nike Training Club.

Nutrition Tracking Apps

Nutrition apps focus on both weight-loss and muscle gain as they can ensure your surplus or influx. These apps are great in tracking calories and intakes of the specific food groups, they can also remind you to drink water. The best apps which we highly recommend are MyFitnessPal, MyPlate, Lifesum, and Nom. MyFitnessPal is our personal favorite with the scanning, logging, and overall features. The app is able to calculate and modify your calories according to your goals. MyFitnessPal has the calorie and nutritional information for foods from across the globe which makes calorie-tracking a whole lot easier.

Activity Tracking Apps

These apps are set to track your activities as you perform them- they track distance, time, and if you wear a heart monitor it will include the information from there too. Map My Fitness is one of the best apps on the market and well-suited for those just starting out. Additionally, we love the concept of Charity Miles which donates money for the distance that you exercise- what a great initiative and a great way to keep people motivated quite honestly. These apps are for those who want to be aware of distance accumulation specifically. If distance and elongation motivates you-these are for you.